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Introducing the Science Enrichment Library



For the new academic year 2016/17 the science department is planning to furthe extend and enrich the curriculum for all learners. We now have a collection of popular science books for students to borrow so they can read around and beyond the curriculum. Students should speak to their science teacher if they would like to borrow any of the books on display. SG

Subscribe to class page on Nature Scitable


I have made a class page on Nature Scitable. Follow the link below, join the class. You will find some extra reading and revision resources on Genetics.


Up to date news to consider for your one world safety of nuclear power essay


Monitoring radiation levels outside the damaged nuclear reactoy

Nuclear is the safest form of power, says top UK scientist


Japan may have lost race to save nuclear reactor


China forges ahead with nuclear energy


Radioactivity spreads in Japan

Search engines to look for reliable sources for your One World Essays.


Google Scholar – This Google search engine makes it easy to search for papers, abstracts, citations and other scholarly literature.

iSEEK – Designed specifically for students and educators, iSEEK is a non-commercial search engine. It delivers results from universities, government sites and other noncommercial providers.

OJOSE – The Online JOurnal Search Engine (OJOSE) searches online journals and books. This search engine is best for students who are looking for scientific materials.

Scirus – This search engine claims to have the most comprehensive scientific search engine on the web. More than 450 million scientific items are included in Scirus’ index.


Using Sweet Search for reliable sources and references online


There is a wealth of information online which you should make the most of for your own personal research as well as for referencing IB assignments. However, due to the sheer scale of information available there is ften a lack of quality control.

This search engine returns results/websites have been evaluated by other teachers and research experts as being reliable.

You can use this search engine to find references for IB assignments in all of your  subjects.

Use the link above or the sweet search option on the side bar of the blog.

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