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Immune Response mini whiteboard animation videos





This week in G9 Coordinated Science Biology the students used a cartoon strip template to storyboard an animation explaining how the immune system protects us from pathogens (disease causing microorganisms). They were inspired by a video that turned the body’s defense against disease into a cinematic role playing game.

They used their MacBook’s and camera phones to record a mixture of stop motion animation and video. All of the  students produced amazing videos that will be used by other coordinated science classes to aid revision.

Modeling the Carbon Cycle






This week in G9 Coordinated Science the students used a number of everyday science objects such as a toy car, a plant, a “factory box”, crude oil, soil, animal organ models and a bottle containing carbon dioxide to model the carbon cycle. The students worked in small groups and made links to how each object is linked to each other by the recycling of carbon. They were then able to recall the word and balanced symbol equation for photosynthesis and respiration from previous topics studied this year.

The Twisting Tale of DNA

Students join their DNA strands together to show the double helix structure of DNA.

Students join their DNA strands together to show the double helix structure of DNA.

This week in G9 Biology we started the second topic on Biological molecules, Enzymes and Animal Nutrition. The first biological molecule we discussed was Deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA). This is the ultimate information storage and retrieval molecule. DNA has the blueprint for making proteins and ultimately almost all life on Earth. We discussed the structure of DNA and the importance of complementary base pairing (A with T and C with G) by using pipe cleaners as a model. Finally we referred back to Topic 1 as we discussed how DNA barcoding is based on analyzing the sequence of DNA bases to identify and classify organisms based on how similar their sequences are.

Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Paper Airplane Challenge

Check out these websites for making all the paper airplanes templates you used for todays Double Helix Club. fun paper airplanes and amazing paper airplanes.


S1 Model Cells Display



S1 Diamonds Animal, Plant and Specialised Model Cells


All S1's outstanding Cell Models

S1P Animal, Plant and Specialised Cell Models


Thanks for your amazing creativity and effort.


S1 Pearl's amazing cell models


Double Helix Club 8: Extracting DNA from Kiwi fruit and making models of DNA.


Although we did not extract a lot of DNA today, you can try this experiment again at home.

Double Helix Club 4: Making a scale model solar system


In this weeks Double Helix club we built a scale model of the solar system. We used the S1 and S2 hallway to show the relative distance between planets.

Use this website to find out your weight on other planets in the solar system.

Your weight can change depending on gravity but your mass is indepedent of gravity.

weight (N) = gravitational field strength ( on Earth this is 9.81) x mass (kg).

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