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ASP: Mystery Club 1: Optical and Auditory Illusions















First investigation in the Mystery Club will be looking at visual and auditory illusions.

Click here for 99 visual Illusions

Necker cube: Classic illusion

More illusions

How many dolphins can you see here? Can you see anything else?

Frog or Horse?


Click and Watch the Eyes!!!

More optical illusions here

Check out my youku page (MrGaynor) for more optical and auditory illusion videos

Double Helix Club 3: Optical Illusions and Senses Circus


Can we trust everything we see/hear/touch/feel/smell?

In this Double Helix club we investigated how our brain makes sense of the world around us. Things are not always as they seem………..

Test your hearing here.

To find out more about the use of the mosquito device, look here

Virtual barbershop illusion.

More sound illusions

To see more optical illusions. Try these websites

To find out more about how The Human Mind works, Try these tests from the bbc.

Please add your reflections as comments below, thanks.

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