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Meet Fred the FrankenFrog, he just can’t control his feet….



Last week in G9 Biology we dissected Fred the Frankenstein Frog to review the functions of the alimentary canal in digestion and discuss comparative anatomy. We compared how the frogs digestive system as similar to our own and how it is different. For example, the frog’s teeth have a similar function to our own but a different structure due to the type of food a frog eats. We then discovered the frog’s last meal as we followed the frog’s digestive system. To extend the dissection, we then looked at the frogs nervous and muscular system. As the frog was still “fresh” we were able to stimulate the frog’s muscles by sprinkling salt on the exposed tissue. The muscles twitched as the salt simulated the muscles as activated nerve fibres would do when the frog was alive. The students were amazed and a little creeped out as the frog’s legs twitched (danced) on their own. We will refer back to this dissection when we study the nervous system next year.

My heart was broken……..





As G9 Coordinated Science (Biology) studied the circulatory system we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a sheep’s heart. Before we started the dissection, we examined the external anatomy of the heart and identified the important blood vessels. We discussed the factors that increase the risk of damage or blockage of the coronary arteries that supply the heart with blood. The students enjoyed linking the theory of how the heart works with the opportunity to feel the heart (cardiac) muscle and put their fingers through each blood vessel to find out which chamber of the heart it connects to. We finished the lesson by watching part of a giraffe dissection to see how the wall of the left ventricle in this animal is even thicker to pump blood to the top of the giraffes head and back!

Meet Bill The Bull Frog

Bill The Bull frog

Bill The Bull frog

This week in the Coordinated Science Biology class, we completed the first unit on Cells, Cell transport and Animal Nutrition. To put this unit in context and be a little more hands on we dissected a bullfrog called “Bill”. The frog’s anatomy and digestive system is very similar to humans so we could easily identify the organs of the digestive system. We used the dissection to review what occurs in each region of the alimentary canal in preparation for the end of unit test. The students were equally engrossed and disgusted all at the same time!.

Double Helix Club2011/12 Season 3: Frog dissection


I hope you enjoyed the dissection today and I’m impressed that none of you had to leave the lab at any point!

Bull Frog- after dissection with organs exposed


Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Pluck (heart/lung) Dissection and Frog dissection


Frog Anatomy



Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Giant Squid Dissection Video


Visit the Channel 4 website to find out more about the Giant squid and other of Natures Giants.

Double Helix Club 2011-2012 Activity 1: Frog Dissection


I hope you found today’s first new Double Helix Club memorable even if it didn’t go as planned. We will complete the dissection at a later date.

To do an virtual frog dissection, check here

and here



and here

To find out more about frogs and frog dissections, check this glog


Term 3 Double Helix Club: Eyeball Dissection and Big Cats Dissection Video


I hope most of you didn’t feel too queasy during the eyeball dissection.


S1 Chicken Wing Dissection


Hannah and Christine from S1 Pearl definitely have the hands of surgeons, however we also have many potential butchers in S1 as well!


To investigate cells, tissues and organs s1’s observed a heart dissection and dissected a chicken wing.

Term 3 Double Helix club Heart and Lung Dissection


Welcome to term 3’s Double Helix Club.

I hope you enjoyed the first activity.

Please leave your first blog comments below and tell me what experiments you would like to do on one of the previous blog posts.

Mr Gaynor


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