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Excellence Exhibition and Grade 8 Science Fair













On Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March, the Senior School Science Department organized and hosted its second Science Investigation Fair, and Excellence Exhibition. Grade levels across the Senior School division showcased their excellent work from IBDP Science Internal Investigations and Extended Essays in Grade 12 to multimedia projects in Grade 7.












We were especially excited to showcase the second SSIS Science Investigation Fair in Grade 8. For months, grade 8 students have been fine-tuning their research questions and developing their experimental method as they investigated a topic of their choice in more depth.












All participants planned their experiment, carried it out safely, analyzed their data, made appropriate conclusions and evaluated their investigations. This opportunity for students to choose the focus of their science investigation and take learning out of the classroom environment should help the students to make links between science and real world phenomena.















We were extremely excited to see our students display their Science Investigations and were astounded by the quality!

The Senior School students and science teachers will vote for the best investigations. The winners will be announced and bronze, silver and gold level prizes will be presented in a future Senior School Assembly.












Well done to all students that displayed their work at the Excellence Exhibition and especially to the grade 8 students that created outstanding Science Investigations.

We are already planning and looking forward to next years event.

Welcome back to Senior School Science



The Senior School Science Department extends a warm welcome to all returning and new students. We hope all students are well rested over the summer holiday and are excited about another inquisitive year learning Science.

We have been busy planning lessons, experiments, after school programmes and the Science Fair for the year ahead.

If you have any questions about this academic year please contact your child’s Science teacher or Mr. Gaynor: Head of the Senior School Science Department.

Setting and aiming to beat your Personal Best (PB).


It’s the time of the year for the first end of topic test. In science, students predict how well they think they will perform and then compare this prediction with their actual grade/mark. Research has shown that students can accurately predict their performance. The comparison of predicted and actual grades forms the basis of a post exam learning conversation and reflection on what the student can do to close the gaps in their knowledge.

The first test will also be used to set their personal best (PB) for the rest of the course, students will track and strive to beat their PB.

By reflecting on their learning and always striving to improve, our students are working towards excellence.

Double Helix Club 2011-12: Season 3- Coke Mentos and Making Slime


20120402-024821 PM.jpg

20120402-024842 PM.jpg

20120402-024854 PM.jpg

Amazing Scale of the Universe


Wow.Great demo, to highlight the scale of the universe

Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Coke Menthos and Methane Bubbles



Menthos and Coke

Methane Bubbles


S2 Ruby Displacement Disco Posters


Lonely Hearts- a story of displacement

Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Jumping Sodium and Flower Chromatography


Chromatography of coloured pigments in flowers

Chem Sumo Wars: What’s your bet? Which metal will win?


Chem Sumo Wars

Use this website to investigate reactivity and displacement reactions.

Term 3 Final Double helix Club: Flame tests, Elephant toothpaste and Alkali Metals


I hope you enjoyed today and this years final Double Helix Club. I’m sorry you did not manage to do the Elephant toothpaste activity for yourselves.



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