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Introducing Specialised Cells aka Cuddly Toy Cells and Bacteria

Giant Microbes and Cells

Giant Microbes and Cells


This week in G9 Biology we looked at specialized cells and how they are adapted to their function. To get the students thinking about the differences between specialized cells and also bacteria we looked at a selection of giant microbe/cell cuddly toys. Students described how each cells has a different shape related to their function and read the label to discover more specific information. We then went on to discuss the specialisations of red blood, white blood , sperm, egg, ciliated epithelial, root hair and palisade mesophyll cells in more detail. A key theme of biology is matching structure to function and we will return to this theme throughout the two year IGCSE Biology and Coordinated Science (Biology) courses.

S1I Animal, Plant and Specialised Cell Models


Again excellent creativity shown today by S1 Ivory. I’m not sure who’s model cells are better S1 Pearl or S1 Ivory.


S1Ivory's model cells

S1P Animal, Plant and Specialised Cell Models


Thanks for your amazing creativity and effort.


S1 Pearl's amazing cell models


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