Modelling Muscle Structure and Contraction


The grade 11 students have been studying muscles and movement this week. They modelled the structure of the sacromere using pipe cleaners and drew diagrams to explain the molecular basis of the sliding filament theory. 

Futurelearn- free online course: Developing your Research Project. Great for Extended Essay students.


Develop your research skills with this free course from Futurelearn and improve your Extended Essay.



This is a great free online course focused on developing research and writing skills relevant to the IBDP Extended Essay. I strongly recommend this short course for all grade 11 students as they develop their extended essay research project

I am currently taking the course and have found it very useful for my role as Extended Essay supervisor.

The Futurelearn website also has many other free online courses covering a large range of topics.

The web link is below. s://www.futurele

Setting and aiming to beat your Personal Best (PB).


It’s the time of the year for the first end of topic test. In science, students predict how well they think they will perform and then compare this prediction with their actual grade/mark. Research has shown that students can accurately predict their performance. The comparison of predicted and actual grades forms the basis of a post exam learning conversation and reflection on what the student can do to close the gaps in their knowledge.

The first test will also be used to set their personal best (PB) for the rest of the course, students will track and strive to beat their PB.

By reflecting on their learning and always striving to improve, our students are working towards excellence.

Building a Growth Mindset



At this week’s assembly, the Science Department introduced the importance of having a growth mindset to the Senior School. The key aspects of having a growth mindset such as focusing on effort, deliberate practice, responding positively to feedback and embracing challenges were explained. In addition, the neuroscience of the brain underpinning growth mindset was also presented.

To give a more visual demonstration of a growth mindset in action, 16 volunteers from across all grade levels were invited to the stage and attempted the learn to juggle challenge. There were many different starting levels and many balls were dropped!

The students will have 7 weeks to practice and refine their juggling skills through a growth mindset approach before they return to the assembly stage to show off their newly acquired circus skills!

What does an excellent IBDP Science Internal Investigation look like?


It’s the time of year when grade 12’s are working hard on their internal assessments as the final deadlines draw ever closer. It is often difficult to determine what exactly the IB criteria looks like in a student investigation. To make this easier for students we are sharing exemplars of excellent internal assessments students completed last year. In addition, we are highlighting how they demonstrate the IB criteria. The featured investigation is on factors affecting the ripening of fruit. It was awarded 22/24.

Soft technical skills- setting up a potometer to measure the rate of transpiration




The grade 11 HL Biology students reviewed their knowledge of water transport in plants from IGCSE and then went into more depth describing how water travels through the roots in the apoplastic and symplastic pathways. In addition, they took on the wet and sometimes diffucult task of setting up a potometer to measure the rate of transpiration in a leaf.

Introducing the Science Enrichment Library



For the new academic year 2016/17 the science department is planning to furthe extend and enrich the curriculum for all learners. We now have a collection of popular science books for students to borrow so they can read around and beyond the curriculum. Students should speak to their science teacher if they would like to borrow any of the books on display. SG

IB Group 4 Project



Grade 11 presenting their group 4 projects on the theme of Food Efficiency.

Using Getkahoot for regular review



Team get kahoot for end of year review.

DIRTY review after mock exams

Getting DIRTY before you sail clear through he final IGCSE and IBDP exams.

Getting DIRTY before you clearly sail through the final IGCSE and IBDP exams.


This week in grade 10 and grade 12 we are reviewing the IGCSE and IBDP Mock exam papers. In many respects, the review of the exam papers is more important than the grades the students were awarded. This is the ideal time to reflect on why students got certain questions incorrect, identify misconceptions and take steps to ensure the mistake is not repeated in the final IGCSE and IBDP examinations. In Science, we call this review phase DIRTy time. DIRT is short for dedicated improvement and reflection time.  It’s where students have to reflect on their learning and dig deep to identify the gaps in their understanding. Only by getting DIRTy now will the students be able to successfully sail through the final IGCSE and IBDP examinations.

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