Nature of Science

Nature of Science

The Biology  guide sums up Nature of Science under the following headings

1. What is science and what is the scientific endeavour?

2. The understanding of science

3. The objectivity of science

4. The human face of science

5. Scientific literacy and the public understanding of science

Why Science is more than a theory

Top 10 Scientific Theories that proved to be wrong




The magic of the Placebo effect TEDED

How Does the Placebo effect work?

Ben Goldacre is a British Epidemiologist ( rigorous form of evidence based medicine) that has written a number of books highlighting the “bad Science” used in the media, by pharmaceutical  industries and Governments. Below are a selection of his presentations outlining the “Bad Science” and just what exactly makes a good science investigation.

You can follow his newspaper column here

TED TALKS: Ben Goldacre: Battling Bad Science

TED TALKS: Ben Goldacre: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

Ben Goldacre on MMR, autism and media mendacity. Excellent news report looking at the publics understanding of science and the role of the media

Ben Goldacre in a Homeopathy debate– again highlighting the medias role in communicating Science to the general public.

More Bad Science



TED- ED: What makes a good scientific study/investigation


TED-ED: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries

Click here to see John Oliver highlights the “unbalanced” media represents the Science consensus behind climate change


For more  excellent teaching of nature of science resources please click here

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