Meet Fred the FrankenFrog, he just can’t control his feet….


Last week in G9 Biology we dissected Fred the Frankenstein Frog to review the functions of the alimentary canal in digestion and discuss comparative anatomy. We compared how the frogs digestive system as similar to our own and how it is different. For example, the frog’s teeth have a similar function to our own but a different structure due to the type of food a frog eats. We then discovered the frog’s last meal as we followed the frog’s digestive system. To extend the dissection, we then looked at the frogs nervous and muscular system. As the frog was still “fresh” we were able to stimulate the frog’s muscles by sprinkling salt on the exposed tissue. The muscles twitched as the salt simulated the muscles as activated nerve fibres would do when the frog was alive. The students were amazed and a little creeped out as the frog’s legs twitched (danced) on their own. We will refer back to this dissection when we study the nervous system next year.

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