IBDP Env Sys & Soc

International Baccaurleatte Diploma Programme (IBDP) Environmental Systems and Societies

This site has been designed to support students studying the IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies course.

This website and links can be used to supplement the IBDP Syllabus, course textbooks and classroom lessons.

Please refer to the most up to date IBDP Biology syllabus and resources on the ilearn moodle page to ensure you studying the relevant content for the syllabus you have been entered for.

IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies Assessment

Paper 1:  Short Answer Questions

Paper 2: There are 2 sections
Section A:Data-based question based on a given Case Study
Section B:1 Extended essay style questions (from choice of 3)

Internal Assessment (IA)


Resources on ilearn (moodle) virtual learning environment

Powerpoints, worksheets and assignments can be accessed through the schools ilearn (moodle) virtual learning environment


Some excellent websites and blogs to use as resources by other IB ESS teachers

A different Mr G’s ESS  amazing website

Click here for Mr Kremers excellent ESS website

Click here for worksheets, model assignments and tasks from this IBESS wiki

Click here for further resources and guidance from another IBESS wikispace

Click here for Notes and Resources from Adrian Brooks


Environmental Blogs

An excellent blog you should read

Yale environment 360


IBDP ESS Revision Videos

NicheScience’s IB ESS  Video lectures on youtube.   I know not all of you have acces to youtube but if you do, these videos are a great summary of the entire IGCSE biology course.


Revise definitions on Quizlet.


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