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How to choose a research question?

Choosing a research question and deciding a method to investigate is the first part of the Essay writing process. The success and failure of an Extended essay can often be traced back to the research question and the experimental procedure.

A good research question and a clear procedure thats allows you to investigate it will clear the path for the rest of the essay.

Where to go for ideas?

This website has some excellent ideas for biology topics and experimental procedures that you could adapt to investigate your research question

 More ideas here

and here


Click here Excellent guidance on EEs from i-Biology.net

Click here for Great Google site page with many in depth resources for writing your EE


Overview of new Extended Essay Requirements from 2018 with some recommendations for writing Science EE’s


Resource to assist students plan and research their Science Extended Essay topic



Exemplar paragraphs showing  good written examples of what Critical thinking looks like in a Science EE.


Quick Guide to APA Referencing in Science


Template for writing your Extended Essay  from Stephen Taylor

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