DHC Overview

The goal of the Double Helix Club is to draw on the science knowledge students learn in G7&8 and be able to apply it to more open ended investigations and experiments. Students will take an active role in investigating these key questions
• Can you hold fire in your hands?
• Have you ever heard a jelly baby scream?
• Do you know what an elephant uses to brush its teeth?
• How does Kiwi fruit hold the secret of life?
• How much energy is there is a packet of pocky?
• What does the inside of a Kermit the frog look like?
• Do we have money to burn?
• Have you seen an elephant, Crocodile, Whale, Giraffe, Shark, Tiger or Snake dissection?
• Do you know the science behind roller-coasters?
• Do you know how to make a zinc Christmas tree?
• Can you make a chemistry powered rocket?


Some Interesting science links below

O2 Learn
Excellent funny videos for teachers and students

Interesting Science podcasts from the Naked Scientists





Virtual Dissections


Practice a frog dissection at home

Another online frog dissection

Sheep Brain

Click here to follow an online sheep dissection













Cow Eye Ball

Find out how your eye compares with a cows eye

Cat Dissection

Photos of a cat dissection, warning: some graphic images

Virtual Pig Dissection

Virtual Pig Dissection


Owl Pellet

Dissect a virtual owl pellet and find out what an owls diet consists of.

List of many interactive dissections http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/bio_09/page_build.htm?id=resources/jsp/virtual_dissections/virtual_dissections#item

Bad movie science




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