Characteristics and Classification of Life

Characteristics of Life

Remember MRSGREN

The Biology Song on youku Remember the most important characteristic of life, Respiration is not mentioned in this video. Respiration is not the same as breathing.

Classification and Diversity

Summary and Recap of Respiration Video


Bbc Bitesize – classification revision

Classification of Living Things- a quick summary of the levels of organization and the binomial naming system


Interview with vertebrate Groups Video on youku

Remember the definition of species by thinking about the infertility of hybrids like the Zorse

For more detailed classification information click here to find out how do we classify Life?

Animal Classification game click here

Animal classification tetris game-game one-typing and game two hitting the correct button

Classification Puzzle

Click here to classify worms and humans

Click here to find out more about viruses

Click here to help buzz identify organisms by using a dichotomous key

Identify the plants by using a dichotomous key

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