Cells and Cell Processes

 Cell Structure and Organisation

Introduction to Cells video


Making Sense of how life fits together- cells,tissues organs and beyond

The History of Cell Theory from TED ED

Levels of organisation quiz

Cell size and structures

Take a trip inside a cell

Animal Cells

How many cell structures can you identify?

Label the animal cell

Plant cells
What extra cell structures do plant cells have?

Label the plant cell

Real cell videos

Animal, Plant and Bacteria cell labeling games 

Life cycle of a virus animation

Put the organs with the correct organ system

e bug

The cell is more complicated then you think as seen from this amazing video animation from Harvard university

Specialized Cells 

Introduction to Specialized cells video

Bbc Bitesize- specialaised Cells

The video below show specialised white blood cells called neutrophils “chase”  after bacteria  and engulfing them by phagocytosis.

Video of specialised cardiac (heart) muscle cells contracting in a petri dish

Nerve cells (neurones) are specialized to send signals around the body

Cilliated epithelium cells area adapted to move mucus that ahs trapped dirt and pathogens up and out of the airway. Smoke damages these cilia and the mucus does not move so efficiently leadign to a smokers characteristic cough.

Cilliated epithelium, sperm and nerve cells

Movement In and Out of Cells

The Cell Membrane

Intro to concentration gradients simulation

Diffusion and Osmosis simulation and experiment

Passive Transport- diffusion and facilitated diffusion

Bbc bitesize diffusion

factors effecting diffusion video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm75teMOF1Y


Bbc bitezise osmosis

Osmosis and turgor pressure animation/video loo

osmosis in model cell animation

Plasmolysis of plant cells animation

Red blood cells in hypertonic solution

Water potential definition slot machine game 

Osmosis and Diffusion simulation

Transport proteins and cell membrane animation

Diffusion and Osmosis summary video

Active Transport

Diffusion, osmosis and active transport summary animations

Importance of Surface Area to Volume Ration In Biology and why Biology destroys all “Holloywood Movie Monsters

Could Godzilla really exist? click here http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzEyNTU4NzQw.html

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