Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

Asexual Reproduction

Summary of asexual reproduction on bbc bitesize

Asexual reproduction ia used by bacteria,spore production in fungi and tuber formation in potatoes


Asexual reproduction in fungi and hydra

Asexual reproduction in hydra

asex fungi

Asexual Reproduction in Fungi

Summary of asexual reproduction video



Some advantages of asexual reproduction are
– Large numbers of offspring are reproduced very quickly from only one
parent when conditions are favourable.
– Large colonies can form that can out – complete other organisms for nutrients and water.
– Large numbers of organisms mean that species may survive when conditions or the number of predators change.
– Energy is not required to find a mate.

Some disadvantages of asexual reproduction are
– Offspring are genetic clones. A negative mutation can make a sexually produced organisms susceptible to disease and can destroy large numbers of offspring.
– Some methods of asexual reproduction produce offspring that are close together and compete for food and space.
– Unfavourable conditions such as extreme temperatures can wipe out entire colonies.


 Sexual Reproduction

Define sexual reproduction as the process involving the fusion of haploid nuclei to form a diploid zygote and the production of genetically dissimilar offspring

Life cycle- mitosis and meiosis

Life cycle- mitosis and meiosis


Sexual reproduction can take many forms like this!





Some Advantages of sexual reproduction are:

  • Genetic variation (the ability of organisms to adapt over time). Due to the fusing of gametes (one from each parent), the offspring displays a mixture of traits.
  • Two parents are required

Some Disadvantages of sexual reproduction are:

  • Energy must be consumed to find a suitable mate.
  • Mutations may occur
  • Not as rapid and efficient as other forms of reproduction (eg binary fission)
  • Very few offspring produced at a time


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