Modeling the structure of skeletal muscle




muscle models

The grade 12 Biology higher level students have just finished the movement sub topic in the animal physiology unit. To show the key features of the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction, the students modeled the structure of muscle sacromeres, including the position of actin and myosin filaments. These models were then used to show how nerve impulses and the release of calcium ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum are used to coordinate muscle contraction.


The Amazing Sperm race whiteboard time lapse animation



In G10 Coordinated Science we have been studying human reproduction. To explain the amazing journey the sperm must undertake to fertilise an ovu, the students created time lapse whiteboard animations and added their own voice over. The animations created were fantastic and showed how engaged the students were in this topic and their detailed understanding of the process.


If plants makes their own food, why do some eat insects?


This week in CoBio we are studying Plant nutrition and how plants make their own food by photosynthesis. To follow up on our first lesson we discussed why do plants such as Venus Fly Traps catch insects. The trap itself is an adapted leaf so it does do photosynthesis and can make its own glucose (food). However, the soil it grows in is lacking nitrates and phosphates required to make amino acids. This plant has adapted to this soil by catching and digesting insects to obtain mineral ions.

How much energy is stored in food?


9Bio20141008 foodenergy


This week in Coordinated Science (Biology) we prepared for the second test on plants and started the new Respiration topic. Students observed how much energy there is in a jelly baby by observing the screaming jelly baby demo (candy placed in warm potassium chlorate) and then investigated how much energy is in crisps, crackers and peanuts. This was also an opportunity to review food groups and balanced diets. The students concluded that the crackers stored the most energy although after their evaluated of the experiment there were a number of factors that meant this was not the a very valid and reliable investigation.

Year 2011-2012 Class Contracts


S1I Animal, Plant and Specialised Cell Models


Again excellent creativity shown today by S1 Ivory. I’m not sure who’s model cells are better S1 Pearl or S1 Ivory.


S1Ivory's model cells

Nuclear Energy Debate


Listen to TED debate on does the world need Nuclear energy?

Research some of the arguments/viewpoints and include them in your one world essay.



The Naked Scientists Podcast


The Naked Scientists Podcast

Listen to interesting science podcasts with The Naked Scientists as well as trying out some of their “kitchen” science experiments.


Hello class


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