Real Monstrosities- great blog looking at Natures Creepy Crawlies


Massive Earthworm eating Leech

Follow this great new blog here to find out about natures overlooked and not so cute organisms!


Also check out the bbc websitee to see a video of 70cm Leech devouring it prey

20122-12 Season 2: Double Helix Club: Rogue Baboon dissection + Coke and Menthos


Don't forget to lock the door!

I hope you enjoyed todays Inside Natures Giants Dissection video and I hope it has left you with some images you will not forget!

50 best photos from natural world


Amazing photos from the natural world taken this year.

Factors Effecting the Rate of Photosynthesis stimulation


Go to this website to investigate the factors which effect photosynthesis

Double Helix Club 2011-12 Season 1: Giant Squid Dissection Video


Visit the Channel 4 website to find out more about the Giant squid and other of Natures Giants.

“Killer” plant eats bird


Pitcher plant eats great tit (bird)

Carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant above and venus fly traps live in soil with a lack of nitrates which are needed to make protein.  Theyobtain nitrates by trapping small insects and and slowly digesting them. This pitcher plant trapped a bird which may have fell in as it tried to get an insect floating in the pitcher plants digestive juices. The bird will slowly be digested by the enzymes in the digestive juice.

Sichuan Panda Breeding Centre


Giant Panda’s are part of the bear family ( Brown Bear, Polar Bear etc) and even though they now mostly herbivores, their digestive systems are adapted to digest meat unlike other large herbivores  ( eg. Elephant or Cow). Bamboo also has very little nutritional value so a Giant panda has to eat an large amount of it per day ( up t0 14kg) and has a very sedentary ( lazy) lifestyle as it unable to obtain a lot of energy from its Bamboo diet.

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