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Book written in DNA code


Two molecules of DNA



DNA is up there with the best forms of digital storage. Read this article from The Guardian to find out more

Bad Movie Science

Star Wars episode II: The Clone Wars. The worst science and technology errors in movies

Its not just the destruction of the Death Star that shows Bad Movie Science in Star Wars!

Click here to find out more movies that fail the real life science test

20122-12 Season 2: Double Helix Club: Rogue Baboon dissection + Coke and Menthos


Don't forget to lock the door!

I hope you enjoyed todays Inside Natures Giants Dissection video and I hope it has left you with some images you will not forget!

50 best photos from natural world


Amazing photos from the natural world taken this year.

“Killer” plant eats bird


Pitcher plant eats great tit (bird)

Carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant above and venus fly traps live in soil with a lack of nitrates which are needed to make protein.  Theyobtain nitrates by trapping small insects and and slowly digesting them. This pitcher plant trapped a bird which may have fell in as it tried to get an insect floating in the pitcher plants digestive juices. The bird will slowly be digested by the enzymes in the digestive juice.

Chemisty in it’s element Podcasts


Find out how we use some important compounds with these podcasts

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