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Its that time of year again…The Double Helix Science Club




The Double Helix Science Club is for young and inspiring scientists to explore science beyond our G7&8 science curriculum. It is for students that may have an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) careers and for those that just what to do more hands on experiments.

The students will look at biology from the inside out by carrying out a frog dissection, make elephant toothpaste with chemistry and reach for the stars with bicarbonate rockets in physics.


When ASP Season 2  Mondays (different from day stated in video)

Max: 20  grade 7 &8 students 

Plus  2 or 3 grade 9-11 Sciecne Club Assistants


Please contact Mr. Gaynor for more information 


New Double Helix Club- Season 3 ASP


Starting on Monday 24th November, the Double Helix Club returns. Watch the video above for a taste of what you have to look forward to.

The goal of the Double Helix Club is to draw on the science knowledge students learn in G7&8 and be able to apply it to more open ended investigations and experiments. Students will take an active role in investigating these key questions
• Can you hold fire in your hands?
• Have you ever heard a jelly baby scream?
• Do you know what an elephant uses to brush its teeth?
• How does Kiwi fruit hold the secret of life?
• How much energy is there is a packet of pocky?
• What does the inside of a Kermit the frog look like?
• Do we have money to burn?
• Have you seen an elephant, Crocodile, Whale, Giraffe, Shark, Tiger or Snake dissection?
• Do you know the science behind roller-coasters?
• Do you know how to make a zinc Christmas tree?
• Can you make a chemistry powered rocket?

Book written in DNA code


Two molecules of DNA



DNA is up there with the best forms of digital storage. Read this article from The Guardian to find out more

DHC: S3 2012-13: End of Term Reflections


I hope you have enjoyed todays final Double Helix Club of the year.

Please leave your reflections by adding comments below.

Good Luck with your exams and enjoy your summer break.

Double Helix Club2011/12 Season 3: Frog dissection


I hope you enjoyed the dissection today and I’m impressed that none of you had to leave the lab at any point!

Bull Frog- after dissection with organs exposed


Double Helix Club 2011-12: Season 3- Coke Mentos and Making Slime


20120402-024821 PM.jpg

20120402-024842 PM.jpg

20120402-024854 PM.jpg

Double Helix Club 2011-12: Season 2- Screaming Jelly baby, Burning Food and End of CCA Reflections


Please add your reflections as comments to this post.

Double Helix Club 2011-12: Season 2: Investigating Reaction Time


20120307-031956 PM.jpg

This week we investigating our reaction time before and after drinking coffee by catching a ruler and tranquilizing sheep with this bbc reaction time game.

20122-12 Season 2: Double Helix Club: Rogue Baboon dissection + Coke and Menthos


Don't forget to lock the door!

I hope you enjoyed todays Inside Natures Giants Dissection video and I hope it has left you with some images you will not forget!

Double Helix Club 2011-2012 Season 1: Eyeball dissection and Reflections.



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