One of our students Elkie Chan achieved the Top mark in China in the June 2017 IGCSE Biology examination.

He was presented with an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award at a recent ceremony in Shanghai.

After the ceremony, Elkie took some time to reflect on this fantastic achievement and shared this reflection. I have shared it with the current grade 12 IBDP and grade 10 IGCSE Biology students.

The magic formula as ever is sustained hard work, regular review, focusing on your mistakes and the use of effective revision strategies.

It may not sound especially ground breaking but it works!

“Biology is a subject that requires conceptual understanding as well as some memorisation of knowledge. However, at IGCSE level, it is most important to understand the chain of reasoning for every answer, best by taking time to understand a concept instead of rushing it.

In class, we were taught in a well-structured way and it was fun as well as engaging. The activities enriched our experience. While the lessons were delivered engagingly, the resources taught key points without skipping any parts of the syllabus.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the end of topic tests and try to improve every time. Thus, to succeed in the subject, you will need to allow yourself to understand the concept fully, and then follow your own method to practice the answer i.e flash card, writing, speaking out loud. If you repeat again and again across all chapters, you are most likely to do well.

Then, to achieve A*, you should review and try to memorise diagrams, labelling, as well as definitions. In order to do even better, you should not concede any points for MCQ or short-answer questions, although an element of luck is also involved!

I would like to thank my Biology teachers and my parents for always supporting me.”


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